Piano Shop Malaysia

We specialize in selling affordable, high-quality, and beautiful used pianos in Malaysia. We carry both brand new pianos and pre-owned grand, acoustic, digital, and upright pianos. We have a wide range of piano brands to cater to your needs and budget.

Our other services include, but not limited to: Piano tuning, maintenance, restoration/repairing, piano rental, and much more. At Piano Shop Malaysia, we are Malaysia’s most trusted piano seller. We are dedicated to catering to all your piano needs.

Our showroom is packed with a vast range of new and second hand pianos. Not sure which piano is suitable for you? Not to worry, our friendly piano specialists are here to assist you. Just give us a call now!

Malaysia’s Most Reputable Piano Supplier in Malaysia

With over two decades of experience, we are Malaysia’s leading used piano supplier. As pianist ourselves, we understand the importance of owning a high-quality piano.

A good piano can bring out a rich and crisp sound to your music piece. It encourages you to play beautifully with the lightest of touch. With the perfect tuned piano, it makes playing such a joy.

This is why we strictly carry high-quality piano brands that we are confident in. Our pianos are sold at an affordable price so that more people can own one.

We carry different types of used piano in Malaysia for sale.

This includes

With our diverse collection, we are sure you will find the perfect piano. We also offer other services.

These include piano tunings, piano maintenance, restoration and repairing, piano moving, and many others. We cover everything related to piano. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Just give us a call, we will be more than happy to help you out!

Piano Brands That We Offer

To maintain our quality, we only sell brands that we are confident in. We carry two of the post popular brands – Yamaha & Kawai. 

Yamaha Piano

Yamaha Piano

Yamaha piano has consistently been the top choice among pianists. It is a well-known piano brand globally and continues to carry this remarkable reputation over the years.

Whether you are just a beginner or an experienced player, Yamaha is the right choice to go.

When played, Yamaha pianos offer high quality and impeccable range of music.

It is pleasing to the ears even after long hours of practice. They also offer a wide range of models to choose from.

Kawai Piano

Kawai Piano

Over more than 90 years in history, Kawai has become one of the leading piano makers that are well-known globally. They have been producing high-quality pianos at an affordable price. However, this does not compromise their quality in music range, design, and style.

Compared to other brands, Kawai offers a fuller and warmer tone. Kawai uses the Millennium III action for their keys.

This helps with the responsiveness of the keys and allows the pianist to perform with ease and even more expression. For these reasons, many classical pianists prefer Kawai.

Types Of Piano Services We Provide in Malaysia

We offer a wide range of piano services to cater to your needs.

piano rental

Piano Rental Malaysia

We provide affordable piano rental in Malaysia. If you’re looking to rent a piano for an event or concert, you may opt for single or multiple days piano rental. Select the piano you want to rent, give us a call and our movers will bring it over to your location.

Unsure if you are ready to own piano? We understand that purchasing a piano can be a big commitment. Our monthly based rental – Rent to Own gives you the opportunity to rent a piano of your choice.

You can rent the piano up to a year. When you are ready to purchase the piano, the rental fee will be deducted and you will  just need to pay the remaining price.

piano mover

Piano Mover Malaysia

Moving a big yet fragile item like a piano is not the same as moving any other furniture. We have highly qualified piano movers in Malaysia that have years of experience in this service. They have experience in handling all kinds of pianos, like digital pianos, upright pianos, and even big grand pianos.

Our highly trained piano movers have special ways to dock and load your piano, securing it in the truck to prevent it from toppling over during transportation. They handle your piano with extra care and caution to prevent any scratches and preventable accidents.

Over the years, we have customers come back to us to move their pianos. Moving a piano is a tricky thing, one mistake and it can even cause the whole piano to crash! It is best to leave it to us, the experts.

piano repair

Piano Repair & Restoration

If you have an old piano, maybe left to collect dust for years, or passed down by relatives, chances are the piano needs to be repaired. We offer professional piano repair in Malaysia at the best rate.

Piano repair and restoration process include inspection, repair or replacement of parts of the piano. Your piano will look like a complete brand new instrument.

After repair & restoration, you may opt to continue using the piano. You can also choose to sell or trade in the piano with a good price.

piano tuning

Piano Tuning

Did you know that to maintain the sound quality, your piano should be tuned at least once a year? Our expert piano tuners will come to your doorstep to tune your piano.

Our technicians are highly trained and regularly travel across the country for turning services. This includes piano tuning at home, rehearsals, concerts, churches, music festival and many others. We are confident in providing the best quality work and ensuring your piano to be in tip top condition. 

In order to have that beautiful, rich sound, your piano needs regular tuning. Our piano tuning in Malaysia is available for both grand and upright pianos.

piano lesson

Piano Lesson

No matter what age you are, there is no age limit when it comes to learning the piano. It sharpens your fine motor skills and improves hand-eye coordination.

Experts say studies have found playing music reduces stress, hence lowering heart & respiratory rates and blood pressure. Playing the piano is also a good and relaxing activity for both child and adult.

You may opt to learn in our centre or have our qualified music teachers come to your home. You may learn to play for leisure or play to have qualifications. We offer classes that cater to your interest.