Listening to a piano can take you to different worlds. If you like fast, loud, and something never-ending, Ernö Dohnányi’s Rhapsody in C Major, Op. 11, No. 3 is the right piece for you. If you want something powerfully pleasing, appealing, and delightful Franz Liszt La Campanella will keep you in awe. But if you are a modern man and like jazz, What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong will be the calming tune for you.

But more than listening to a piano, learning how to play one gives a different thrill. Now you can learn it, too. While grand pianos and the like are expensive, there are more affordable options like the digital piano. 

A digital piano is the modern counterpart of an acoustic piano. As opposed to an acoustic piano, where the sound is produced by the vibration of strings and hammers, a digital piano’s sound is made from its electronic speakers. When you press a key, these electronic speakers play previously recorded high-quality sounds from an acoustic piano. 

These are some of the benefits of playing the digital piano:

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Digital pianos offer different types of sound 

Digital pianos offer a variety of sounds. While an acoustic piano offers one tone, you can easily switch up to strings, choir, jazz, and the like on the digital piano. It produces different sounds from instruments such as guitar, church organs, and strings. It even has different accompaniments to play along with.

Record and listen to your performance on the digital piano

Another perk of a digital piano is that you can record and listen to your music. You can use this if you want to improve your skills on the piano. Digital pianos come with this pre-encoded feature.

Avoid costly Piano maintenance

Learning how to play the piano already costs you time and money. But as opposed to an acoustic piano, a digital piano is cheaper to maintain. Acoustic pianos need professional tuning throughout the year, and if not maintained well, it can get damaged. The repair for this is costlier than repairing a digital piano. With the digital piano, there’s little to no maintenance needed.

Listen on your own with your headphones

One of the huge perks of learning how to play digital pianos is the chance to not disturb anyone around you as you practice by using your headphones. You can focus on the pitch, volume, tempo, and rhythm all at once while being completely oblivious of your surroundings. 

With the digital piano, you get to enjoy playing and practicing, without disrupting the peace. This is great for those moments when you want to play during the wee hours. 

Some digital pianos have features wherein you can record your performance and then transfer it to a computer to edit and print out the score.

Unlimited applications and programs is equal to unlimited learning

Just like how technology has come a long way in recent years, digital pianos have leveled up as well. There are different apps and programs available to help you improve your playing skills.

It’s easy to transport a digital piano

As most digital pianos allow you to listen on your own, this feature benefits you with your private practice. Being able to listen to your recordings repeatedly allows you to determine the areas for improvement.

Practice and learning are convenient as some digital pianos are portable which permits you to move to different places. If you’re a professional player, you can easily bring your piano to gigs. 

Playing the piano helps to improve brain function

Playing the piano has been proven to stimulate brain activity which is great in cognitive function, memory, and the like. Both adults and children benefit from learning and playing new instruments. 

Boost your self-esteem By Playing the Piano

Learning a new hobby gives you a self-esteem boost. Nothing beats the feeling of playing in front of an audience and getting praise for your music. 

The best thing about learning to play the digital piano is the chance to acquire a new hobby that betters a person in many ways. This gives you the chance to be distracted and lifts not just your mood, but those of people around you as well. So why not learn to play a digital piano today!

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