Have you recently discovered a new passion for piano? Do you want to learn how to play a fantastic instrument properly? If your answer is yes, then you’re most probably in search of a great starting instrument. Purchasing a piano is a serious investment for any person who’s just starting, which is why you need to invest the needed time and effort in choosing one. Among the best type of pianos you can opt for are digital pianos. Not only are they affordable, but they’re convenient as well. 

There are many digital piano brands available in the market nowadays, but it’s essential that you choose one that fits your budget and is high quality. Here are the top three leading digital piano brands you should consider! 

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 Yamaha Digital Pianos

Yamaha Digital Piano

  • Favored by many people in the industry 
  • Considered the best choice
  • Tone and feel is the same as an acoustic piano
  • Easy to use

Yamaha is among the oldest and the most reputable brand of all time. They have started their company in 1887 and have created millions of pianos up to date. Yamaha is quite well-known for their traditional values when they make their instruments, especially when it comes to their pianos. 

The brand’s digital pianos are the most favored out of the brands we’re showing you today. Their goal is to establish a feel and sound the same as an acoustic piano as much as possible. They do so by making their own acoustic pianos as their samples. 

The tone produced by a Yamaha digital piano is bright and rich, with a broad accent and a strong bass. Many of their digital pianos have hammer action, influencing their keys to be a bit heavier than other digital pianos to establish a more genuine feel. Furthermore, the piano is easy to operate, so you don’t have to stress yourself with a new learning curve! 

Kawai Digital Pianos 

Kawai Digital Piano

  • Affordable 
  • Best for beginners 
  • Offers various types of models
  • Convenient with a modern look
  • Classical tone and sound 

Kawai is known as a brand that offers a vast range of digital piano models you can choose from. The models are seen in different colors and styles, making them ideal for anyone who wants a unique-looking instrument. Furthermore, many of the Kawai’s pianos are less expensive than pianos from Roland and Yamaha.

The company produces high-quality digital pianos, which has set the standards high for many others in the field. Kawai has taken the quality of sound and tone from their upright pianos and grand pianos and transferred them to their digital models with dedication and precision. 

In addition, the key weight and touch offered in their acoustic pianos have also provided the blueprint from which the company makes the digital models from. 

Casio Digital Pianos

Casio Digital Piano

  • Quality pianos available in different designs
  • High-performance in sound and feel
  • Amazing tone and fluency  
  • Known by many throughout the industry

Casio is among the promising brand of instruments in the music industry for years. Although they have produced other products such as cameras, calculators, and watches, which have a low reputation, their digital pianos are beyond exceptional. They have now developed to become a reputable piano brand. 

The company has mixed leading design, musical innovation, and elegance to give consumers some of the world’s best digital pianos.

 Each of their models is crafted by the expertise of exceptional engineers who aim to put the users’ experiences first. In hopes of overcoming their early reputation, the brand has produced quality models of digital pianos such as the Celviano and Privia ranges.


Don’t be overwhelmed in choosing a piano brand since any pianos out there are of high quality and performance. However, before you purchase one, be sure you do thorough research to ensure that you get one that fits you!

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