A talented pianist becomes a great one through hours of practice. What makes them truly great – beyond the mastery of their instrument – is how they beautifully convey the music in their performances. 

While, needless to say, talent is a great part of what makes an artist outstanding, another factor undoubtedly is the quality of their instrument. Let us be honest, without a great piano, these pianists will not be in the spotlight. 

But what makes a piano valuable? What makes a piano great? Let’s find out here. 

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Quality of The Piano Sound 

The sound of the piano is like no other. It produces sounds that are rich and powerful. 

An acoustic piano consists of 88 notes, and when played, they produce beautiful sounds. A piano can sound bright or warm with its pleasant, clear, and clean blend of harmonics. On the other hand, a mellow sound produced by a piano sounds sweet, round, dark, and rich. The sounds are created through the strings-and-hammers mechanism that rings every time a key is played. Each string is perfectly tuned to correspond to a particular note.

Contrary to acoustic pianos that produce sounds through vibrations, a digital piano’s sound comes from its speaker. These sounds are recorded from high-quality acoustic pianos. That’s why a digital piano also sounds natural. 

Piano Keys

Now that we have discussed the sound of a piano, let us head to the part of the piano that affects its sound– its keys. A great piano should not have cracks and damages on its keys. It should also have a smooth key and has great restraint.

Restraint affects the cushioning of its keys, especially in acoustic pianos. If it has enough cushioning, this lessens the shock transmitted to your joints. If the keys are similar to a keyboard, it does not have a good restraint.

Great digital pianos also have great touch sensitivity. Digital pianos are able to sense the velocity of how you play therefore allowing you to play better.

Versatile Of The Piano

A great digital piano should allow you to play almost every genre. You can play Mozart’s Sonata in C Major or play fresh modern songs like Adele’s Someone Like You. A digital piano features other nifty options that change the tune of the piano. From sounding like an acoustic piano, you can also choose strings, choir, and the like. 

Most composers and songwriters use the digital piano as it offers them more effective ways of experimenting with complicated melodies and harmonies. Some digital pianos allow them to try out multiple melodies at the same time as you can record and play your compositions. 

Characteristics Of The Piano

As discussed, the characteristics that make a piano unique is its ability to play more than one note at the same time. All pianos have this quality that makes them great. Contrary to other instruments, you can play complex and different harmonies with it.

Pianos sound beautiful while accompanying flutes or violins, yet they can still sound dynamic when played alone.

Pianos are used in a lot of industries. In film and television, pianos play a huge part as they are used in musical scoring. Conductors also train using pianos, which allows them to play their interpretations. In the education industry, we often see music teachers use pianos as part of child learning and development. 

This instrument is also appropriate in studying music theory as it is ideal for visualizing and analyzing music. Pianos are the only instrument you can look directly at the notes while you are playing.

Even if you are not a piano player, you get entertained and enticed by the sound it produces. Listening to the piano is good for your mental health.

Whether you play an acoustic piano or a digital piano, both require great care in maintenance as any damage can easily affect their sound and performance. Acoustic pianos need more particular attention as general wear and tear sets in and can change it’s tuning. Even temperature and humidity can affect its sound. 

On the other hand, digital pianos also need maintenance. As an electronic device, it is also susceptible to glitches. That’s why if you own a piano, you should have it regularly checked and tuned by a professional tuner. 

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