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If a digital piano is what you’re thinking of buying, you have certainly come to the right place! We carry a vast selection of digital pianos in Malaysia. Digital pianos are suitable for beginner players, they are smaller in size compared to the traditional piano. Since digital pianos are portable, they are suitable to be used at home or even on stage. Whether you have just begun your music journey or looking for an upgrade model, Piano Shop got you covered. With many choices of digital pianos to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice. With the current situation, you do not even need to leave home to purchase a digital piano. Contact us now and our friendly piano specialist will assist you.

Types Of Digital Piano Brands

We are a reputable authorized piano shop based in Malaysia. We only carry all types of piano that are of good quality, affordable and gives music justice when played. After a strict selection, we have narrow to two most trustable and consistent digital piano brands – Kawai & Yamaha.

As carry a vast selection of digital pianos of these two brands. Read on why they are the top choices for most musicians globally.

Why choose Kawai Digital Piano?

Kawai Digital Piano

Our award winning digital pianos relies on over 90 years of experience in this industry. Kawai digital piano is built to sound as close to an acoustic piano. Kawai digital piano designers have worked for decades to create this spectacular range of digital instruments.

The sound quality of Kawai digital keyboard is very impressive and it is still portable. They are suitable for beginners and performers. This hard-earned synergy of complementary skills is what makes Kawai one of the top choices among pianists and as one of the most awarded instruments in this industry. Carefully crafted, this beautiful mechanism works in harmony when each note is pressed.

It allows pianists to express their emotion through music, and create response to the tactile nuances transmitted through the keyboard. While retaining the rich, acoustic sound, Kawai digital piano is very affordable. No wonder it is the top choice for pianists.

Why choose Yamaha Digital Piano?

Yamaha Digital Piano

With the ever changing technology, Yamaha Digital Piano has been continuously evolving. There is an app where you can control your keyboard. You can even connect your phone to the piano for musical accompaniment. All parts are sold separately.

Yamaha makes the finest digital pianos, they can satisfy every player’s needs. They have an amazingly accurate grand piano-like feel. This is the result of the skills and instincts Yamaha has developed over the decades of manufacturing, designing, and research on all types of pianos. 

Yamaha has a vast selection of digital pianos to choose from. To experience the pure wonders of the digital piano, many people opt for Yamaha Digital Piano.

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