Grand Piano Malaysia

Are you searching for a grand piano? You have come to the right place! We have the most exquisite and luxurious grand pianos in Malaysia made from the finest wood and best craftsmanship. Whether it is placed at a hall, stage or even your home, we have one that will definitely fulfil your requirements. Our beautiful grand pianos are sold at an affordable price so you don’t have to crack your wallet. Grand piano brings out a beautiful, rich and mellow tone, enough to capture the audience’s attention. It is not straining to the ears after long hours of practice.

That is why most experienced pianists opt for the grand piano. Interested to get your hands on one? We got you covered.

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Types Of Grand Piano Brands

There are many competitive brands in the piano world. However, we strictly carry piano brands that we are confident in.

We make sure our used pianos are of high quality, made with the best materials and able to serenade the audience with its music. This is why we mainly carry two of the most popular brands – Yamaha & Kawai.

They both have been consistently producing high quality grand pianos and professional performers opt for these brands. Read on why they are the top choices for most musicians globally.

Why Choose Kawai Grand Piano?

Kawai Grand Piano

Simple Elegance. Kawai Grand Piano has been crafted and perfected for almost 90 years. It has been voted as “Best in An Entire Industry”. They are more than just keys and paddle. Kawai grand piano are made with the finest wood and materials that create a rare combination of rich tone, firm touch and most importantly, stability. It’s standard rises far above the rest of the competition. 

Regardless if you’re a performer or a leisure player, the Kawai grand piano is ready to exceed your expectations. Crafted in a way that has aesthetic beauty, they are designed for long-term precision. It is the uncommon ability to merge traditional methods with modern technology, but Kawai does things differently. That is why they are one of the best in the industry.

Why Choose Yamaha Grand Piano?



Yamaha makes one of the finest grand pianos. Their uncompromising insistence on excellent sound quality and resonance is available for smaller budgets. Incorporating exceptional design and style,

Yamaha creates one of the most luxurious, elegant grand pianos. The tone and dynamic range is just absolutely superb. By using substantial refinements in materials and production, Yamaha grand pianos are more affordable than ever. Every piano has its own unique touch, sound and feel. The musicality of each piano comes from a perfectly harmonized and finely-honed craftsmanship.

Their cutting edge production techniques guarantee more accuracy and precision. Yamaha grand piano is stable and creates a wide range of sound. Musicians choose this for that very reason.

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We carries a vast choice of grand pianos with stylish designs at an affordable price. Just like music, every piano is different and they do vary. No two models are exactly the same even off the same production line. There will be slight variations to the feel and sound. We believe choosing a piano should be a personal choice by the pianist.

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