Common Mistakes When Hiring a Piano Mover

Common Mistakes When Hiring a Piano Mover

Moving a piano takes special planning. It’s not easy to relocate something as grandiose and fragile at the same time. This is why it’s usually safer to book a professional piano moving service. Perhaps the biggest advantage – than risking the transport yourself – is that you can guarantee that your instrument will be taken care of. Not to mention, you’ll save yourself from getting injured if you attempt to DIY. 

Now, choosing who to hire can also be quite a challenge. You need to have as much information as possible before deciding on one. You want them highly trained, yes? But they also need to be insured. Correct? Taking note of the important details matter for piano moving.

Common Mistakes You Can Make When Hiring A Piano Mover

Any mistake you make during the planning, and even the execution stage can snowball into a far disastrous situation. Before deciding on a piano mover, it’s important to be aware of what to avoid so the project goes smooth sailing. 

The following are common mistakes you should avoid when hiring a piano moving company.

    1. Not doing your research on the piano moving company

    The most basic and yet many still neglect to do. The entire moving process is highly dependable on the people who’ll actually execute it. You need licensed, insured, and highly-trained individuals for the job. You can’t just entrust an expensive instrument to just anybody.

    Before anything else, do a background check.

    Look them up on their website or better yet, contact them and pay an official visit. Make sure that they have the proper credentials and licensing to operate. Moreover, you can also check out reviews from previous clients to get more realistic expectations. Doing all these will save you from falling into a scam which can be more costly.

    2. Waiting to book a piano transport service until the last minute

    Opting for a rushed, last-minute service usually comes with additional charges. Also, the longer you wait, the fewer options might be left for you. The reputable ones might be fully booked or your desired dates are already taken. In the end, you’ll have no choice but to just settle. And we don’t want that.

    For example, once you know what date you and your family can start moving into a new place, book a piano mover immediately. Give yourself and the company the time to secure the most convenient date and make preparations. Before you hire a piano mover, make sure you read this post on how to choose a piano mover.

    3. Providing inaccurate or incomplete information

    Disclose all relevant information to your moving company beforehand. This will make their jobs easier, and will save you from extra charges. Discuss all the details and specifics of your relocation, including dimensions of your instrument and possible difficulties movers can face in the process.

    The movers can also check beforehand the piano and the relocation site and make necessary measurements. The better prepared they are, the less you will worry.

    4. Not asking about possible additional charges

    Some companies provide services other than the mere transportation of your piano. For example, packing and wrapping services are usually not included in the base rate. It’s best to let your movers know what you want to avoid financial surprises.

    Moreover, make sure that these extra services are stated clearly in your estimate.

    Ask The Piano Mover With The Right Questions

    Ultimately, staying well-informed every step of the way can guarantee piano moving success. Remember, your piano is not just an ordinary cargo. It’s fragile, expensive, and sentimental, which makes replacing it not an option. A real treasure should only be entrusted to experts like Piano First. 

    Ask your movers questions about their credibility, knowledge, and work process. You’re paying for their services so it’s only fair to want to get your money’s worth.

    Furthermore, make sure that you also discuss with them the scope of your estimate, including potential hidden fees. Transparency is key to working more efficiently, after all.

    If you want quality piano moving experience, it’s essential to know which mistakes to avoid when hiring a team of expert movers. Equipped with all the necessary information, you can easily keep the stress at bay and not have to worry about your piano getting damaged or mishandled. 

    If you’re all set to make your move, contact us and we’ll happily assist you with your needs. Contact us now and get a FREE quote.

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