Piano Rental Malaysia

Looking for piano rental services in Malaysia? You have come to the right place! Piano Shop Malaysia offers a variety of pianos for rent. Regardless if you want to rent for an event or a few months, we are able to cater your needs. Look no further, just give us a call and our piano specialist will help you out.

Why Choose Us For Piano Rental in Malaysia?

We are an authorized used piano seller with over 2 decades of experiences. We also offer many other piano related services, including piano rental. You may be looking to rent a piano for an event, or maybe you do not want to commit to buying a piano, renting is the way to go. Our prices are affordable, so you don’t have to break the bank to rent a piano.

We offer daily renting services. Depending on an event, you may want to rent it for a day or a few days, till the program is over. You may pick your choice of piano – Grand, upright or even Digital Pianos. Our piano rental includes piano moving and tuning services. Upon agreed time, we will transport your piano to the venue. Our skilled technician will tune the piano on the spot to ensure everything is in tip top condition. Once the event is over, we will pick up the piano.

We also offer Rent to Own Piano service. This means you may rent the piano on a monthly basis. The perks of Rent to Own service is that you can exchange your piano anytime. Regardless you need a different size or want to try out a new piano, you can exchange your current piano rental any time.

The prices agreed upon will be the same price you will pay for the duration of your rental. There will not be any increment, no surprises or unexpected changes. Customer service is our number one priority. This is why you can be assured you are in good hands with us.

Types Of Piano Rental Services in Malaysia

Piano Rental For Events

We provide any kind of piano rental service. We can help you with one-day or multiple days piano rentals. We provide the right piano for special events like :

  • Concert
  • Wedding
  • Performance
  • Birthday
  • Opening event
  • Anniversaries
  • Graduations and many more

You may choose your choice of Grand piano, upright piano and even keyboard (Please contact us for the types of piano available).

Whether you need piano rental services for a day, a week, a month or even longer, we are ready at your service. All pianos for rent are of high quality – Yamaha & Kawai Pianos.

These piano are most highly regarded in the industry. They are widely used by professional musicians. The tones are rich and beautiful sounding.

The keys are firm to touch but do not strain the fingers, hence they are able to play with expression. Our piano rental program provides high quality, low cost pianos. With a wide variety of pianos to select from, they are suitable for any occasion with any pianists.

Rent To Own Piano

If you are not ready to commit into buying a piano, or unsure if your child will stick with it after a year, Rent to Own Pian is the service you need. Here is how you can rent a piano and eventually purchase one when you are ready.

1. Rent Choose the piano and rental plan you want (Please contact us for the piano available at the moment). Once the contract is over, you can opt to continue the renting services with the same monthly price. You can also opt to exchange your piano for another model.

2. Rent then Buy If, at any time during the piano rental, you realize you’d like to own the piano, just let us know. You can buy your piano at the price of your rental contract. The first 12 months of the fees will go towards the purchase of the piano, and you will just need to pay off the remaining cost. 

3. Rent to Own If you have decided to purchase a piano, you may opt for Pay All at Once and receive a discount. Or you may opt to split your payment into 12 or 24months.

We also provide piano moving & tuning services for all our rental plans. After choosing the right piano to rent, we will transport it to your home, using our professional piano movers.

Our technicians will then do the necessary tuning and maintenance on the piano. Should there be any issues with the piano during the rental, just contact us and help will be on the way.

Types of Piano Brands for Rental 

We carry two of the most popular brands for rental – Kawai & Yamaha. They are vastly used by the majority of popular pianists.  


For over a century, Yamaha has been producing high-quality pianos. The craft has been perfected over the years. Regardless if you are renting an Upright or Grand Piano, Yamaha’s piano is able to produce excellent sound quality. The refined designs and craftsmanship can definitely capture an audience’s attention. 


Kawai piano is one of the finest pieces of instrument among all competitors. They are built with high quality and long-lasting materials, at the same time keeping their rich and beautiful tune. For almost 90 years, Kawai has consistently been top of the game. Regardless if you are a beginner or a seasonal pianist, Kawai is suitable for any playing style. Their exceptionally rich tone speaks volumes and definitely able to capture the audience’s attention.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Piano

Depending on the brands and types of piano you are looking for, and even the number of pianos you would like to rent, the cost of piano rental may vary.

Just give us a call, and our friendly piano specialists will assist you.

FAQs on Piano Rental

How long can I rent a piano?

You can rent for a day, multiple days, or rent on a monthly basis. If at any time during your rental you want to purchase the piano, you can definitely do so as well. Just let us know and we will do the necessary arrangements.

How much does it cost to rent a piano?

The price of piano rental varies. It depends on the brand, type of piano you choose and the amount of pianos you need to rent. Contact us and we will fix a price that fits your budget.

How do I transport my piano once I have rented it?

Transporting a piano is different from transporting any other furniture. We do provide moving services. The piano is heavy but delicate, this is why you will need our experts to move your piano. We take great care to ensure there are no scratches or damages during the transport. Your piano will arrive at the location in tip-top condition.

Will my piano run out of tune?

It is recommended to have your piano tuned twice a year. It is important to tune your piano after moving. Renting piano is no different. We have our in-house piano tuner to maintain your piano for you. Upon transportation, our technicians will do the necessary tuning and adjustment to ensure your rental piano is in perfect condition to perform.

I am still unsure which model to rent, what should I do?

No worries, our piano specialists are ready to assist you. Call us now & get a FREE Consultation.

Contact Us To Rent a Piano Today!

There are now many ways to rent a piano, be it just a few days for an event, or renting on a monthly basis. When you rent a piano with us, you get to save money and still have a beautiful piece of instrument.

Use the Rent to Own service till you are ready to purchase one. You can select the piano you want to rent, be it a grand, upright piano or keyboard, the choice is up to you. Contact us and rent your piano today!