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Looking for piano repair & restoration services? You are at the right place. If you own a piano that is due for quality finishing, repair or restoration of any kind, Piano Shop Malaysia is here at your service. 

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For any piano repair & restoration to be successful, the process must include the following steps – inspection, repair, and replacement of soundboard, pin block, bridge, keys, and all vital parts of the piano. Piano strings will be replaced with a new set and end with a beautiful refinished coat. The piano will look like a new one at the end of the day. 

At The Piano Malaysia, this is our expertise. Regardless of any type of piano or how bad the condition may be, our skilled technicians are equipped to handle the job. Each piano repair & restoration case is unique and differs from each other. With over 2 decades of experience, our in-house piano technician is ready to conquer the task. 

After the repair & restoration, you may continue to use the piano. You may also opt to trade in the piano with us for a good price.

What is the procedure in piano repair & restoration

Piano when left untouched for years, tend to corrode, run out of tune and even cause termite infestation. With this said, you will need our professional help to repair & restore your piano. This service requires extensive technical knowledge, experience, and the right equipment. 

Read on to get an understanding of our piano repair & restoration service:

  • Thorough piano inspection
  • Touch up or repaint the exterior of the piano
  • Replacement or restoration of vital interior components. For example bridge, strings, hammerhead, and so on.
  • Action overhauling, regulation, and alignment
  • Piano voicing 

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Not to worry, give us a call and our friendly piano specialists will be here to assist you.

Can I repair and restore my own piano?

We highly recommend you hire a professional technician to service your piano.

The piano consists of hundreds of moving parts and is very complicated to put back.

Even the best piano models are subjected to issues like sticking keys, broken accessories, out of alignment, rattling sounds, missing and broken strings etc.

Unless you are trained and confident in fixing your expensive piano, we highly recommend you to hire a professional technician to repair your piano. Otherwise, you may spend more money trying to piece back the piano than actually fixing it.

Since the piano is a complicated and very delicate piece of instrument, the repair process can be difficult. Therefore, at Piano Shop Malaysia, we help solve this equation with the right knowledge and expertise to repair & restore your piano. Whether it is a complicated issue like sticking keys or just collecting dust, our trained technicians will figure out and solve the issue.

All our piano technicians go through an extensive training course. They are also required for revision every two years.

This is to ensure they are up to date on the latest technology, handling, and repairing methods. You can be assured that you are in good hands when you book our piano repair service.

What is the cost to repair & restore a piano?

The cost of repair & restoration of a piano may vary based on a few factors. For example: the type and size of your piano, the condition it is in, replacement of any parts of the piano, and many others. 

We offer the most affordable price to service your piano, so you don’t need to break the bank. Engage us today and we will be right at your doorstep.

FAQs Piano Repair & Restoration

How many years does a piano last?

When a piano is taken care of in good condition, maintained, and tuned regularly, it can last up to 50 years or more. If a piano condition is bad, we are still able to restore and repair it to extend its longevity.

Why are my keys sticking?

Piano keys tend to stick as a result of an increase in humidity. In changing humidity, wood expands and contracts, hence making the key stick. Fixing a key stuck is complicated, but our technician is equipped with skills and the right tools to fix this problem.

Is my piano worth restoring?

For many piano owners, there comes a time when you need to decide to keep your valuable piano and restore it to its former glory; or trade-in for a new one.

The life of the piano depends on the condition and frequency of uses on it. However, with piano repair & restoring, we are able to add another decade and extend its longevity. We believe this is a worthwhile investment. A used piano that has been restored to its best condition, hold their value longer than brand new ones. Hence, you can even choose to restore and trade-in for a more valuable price.

Who do I contact for Piano Repair & Restoration?

Engage us today and our friendly piano specialists will assist you. Our technicians do door to door service to bring convenience to you.