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Looking for an Upright Piano for your home? You are in the right place. We are the trusted seller for brand new & second hand upright pianos. We carry a vast selection of pianos to cater your requirements. Whether it is placed at home, music shop or even on stage, an upright piano will definitely be the right choice. They have bright, beautiful sounds and would catch any audience’s attention.

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Types Of Upright Piano Brands

With so many competitive brands, which ones do you choose? It is daunting especially when it comes to purchasing a piano. Not to worry, we are here to help to the right piano. With over 2 decades of experiences, we only carries piano brands that are of high quality and has been consistently good throughout the years.

This is why we carry 2 of the most well-known brands in the industry – Kawai and Yamaha. These two competitive brands have been consistently popular among professional pianists. Continue reading to know their difference and how you can select the perfect upright piano.

Why Choose Kawai Upright Piano?

Kawai Upright Piano

Kawai upright piano is an extremely beautiful sounding piece that can produce a wide dynamic range. Compared to a grand piano, they take up less space. This is why most private homes opt for upright piano. They look stunning and you can even choose the colours to match your home decor.

For over 90 years, Kawai has crafted and perfected upright piano. Kawai upright piano has strong tones, vast dynamic range and the amount of leverage in keys are impressive. As compared to other competitive brands, they are much more affordable. However this does not compromise its sound or quality. This is why many private home owners and private music centres opt for Kawai upright piano.

Why choose Yamaha Upright Piano?

Kawai Upright Piano

Yamaha upright piano has its own unique take. Its tone is rich and pleasing to the ears. Even for long hours of practicing, the sound does not make the ears uncomfortable. When it comes to the quality of an upright piano, Yamaha takes pride in their exceptional quality. This ensures great longevity of the piano, and till this date, no other brands can compete with that. It is definitely worth it to invest on a piano that you can be confident that will last for years to come. 

Yamaha upright piano comes in a huge variety in models. Whether you are a beginner or a professional pianist, these pianos are designed and carefully crafted to fit the requirements of all players. That is why many pianists choose Yamaha upright piano.

Another important feature of their piano models is the variety. The brand manufactures an outstanding variety of piano models that fit the requirements of all players (including the amateur players and professional pianists).

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